Mrs Usha Pandey w/o AWC Commandant Lt Gen DP Pandey

           As I stroll through the AWC, it warms my heart to see young children engaging in outdoor games, away from mobile and TV screens. This healthy choice will benefit them in the long run, promoting physical fitness, mental alertness and emotional balance. Outdoor play not only shapes their personality and teaches life skills but also enhances their social abilities. Witnessing this daily, what strikes me most isn't just their commitment to fitness or use of sports facilities, but the friendships they are cultivating. Friendships forged amidst this verdant, flourishing and dynamic environment, are truly special. I notice their happy chitchat, heartily laughter and spirited conversations which will undoubtedly make their bonds stronger and special. 

         Our friends play a crucial role in our lives, guiding us towards discovering our true selves. However, it is our responsibility to carefully choose who we surround ourselves with. To young children, I offer this advice; select your friends wisely, as they will profoundly influence your life, decisions and choices. True friendship rests on three essential pillars; trust, mutual respect and honesty. Genuine friends are those who support and motivate you, who are candid, sincere and can defend you even in your absence. Along your journey, you will encounter many who may seek your friendship for selfish reasons or who may disappoint you, sow doubt and fear in your mind, drain your energy or introduce negativity into your life. It's important to recognise these individuals and distance yourself from them. They do not embody true friendship and will only hinder your personal growth. 

           True friends are those who share our interests, hobbies and are united by common beliefs and goals. They stand by us through thick and thin, encouraging us to pursue our dreams. If you find a friend who is a good listener, is dependable, celebrates your successes, offers honest advice, and inspires self-belief, treasure him and hold on to him as he is a true friend. Friendship is a reciprocal relationship; both sides must invest effort to nurture and grow it over time. Together, you will create cherished memories, share privileged jokes and build own language that will define your unique and beautiful bond. With friends, there is no room for isolation, sadness, or loneliness. They serve as the best stress busters, enhancing not only happiness quotient but also the overall quality of life. Every friend we encounter leaves a mark on our lives and imparts valuable lessons. It's essential for us to cherish these experiences, learn from them, and continue to evolve. Therefore, choose your friends wisely, cherish your time with them, and maintain strong connections. 

         I hope and pray that children understand that every day is a new day, full of learning, new possibilities and great experiences. 


About the Author 

Mrs Pandey is a result driven professional with more than 14 years of experience as a school administrator and teacher in various educational institutions such as APS, KV, Convent and Public Schools Pan India. She is the daughter of Veer Chakra awardee army officer. She has passed M.Ed. and M.Sc. (Chemistry) in first division and has conducted workshops for teaching faculty on relevant topics with an aim to train, support and enhance teaching skills. Since her marriage with Lt Gen DP Pandey (presently Commandant of Army War College, Mhow) she has been actively participating in welfare organizations in various capacities