Jay Arora to star in a Bollywood Hollywood suspense thriller - Sweatpants


USA/ UNN: Jay Arora, a dashing San Francisco bay area star icon, is known for his prominent role in Kannada feature film 'STALKER' - directed by Kishore Bhargav, an associate of Ram Gopal Varma. Jay will be making a Bollywood debut as a second lead in Sweatpants - a crime, suspense thriller. Starring with Mayur Verma & Ghazal Gill. Directed by Dr Ranu Sinha and music by bollywood's Monty Sharma. Assistant directors Sourabh Ratnu and Emmy award winner Corey D Taylor. The star cast includes Shefali Roy,Sapna DJ,Sayoni Josh ,Anna Sharma,Mary Luz Arrendondo and Hollywood star Charles Heimlich. 

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