An Army officer becomes Messiah for poor and starving people

An army officer Col Anil Kumar presently posted at Mhow is doing everything to make the lives of poor people comfortable and easy going at this time of distress and agony.

The lockdown in view of Corona virus scare was imposed in Mhow, Since local people know Col Anil and his friends' group, civilians started approaching them and they ensured them about the help. When they found people who were really in need of very basic things for life such as Ration and they decided to distribute eatables through civilian officials and friends among those people living in downtrodden areas.

Col Anil is an outdoor person and it seems that his posting to Mhow gave him an opportunity to move around the areas in and around Mhow and Indore.

Soon he was joined by many like mined friends and a group known  "TACADVENTURE" was formed. 
In past also, this group has been involved with plogging at Mhow, visiting Old Age Homes, Orphanages and contributing there.
The out break of Covid19 pandemic was an opportunity for this group led by Col Anil to continue with the yeomen service.
All the members and other friends from Army in Mhow and other places have contributed with open hands in providing ration, masks, soaps to the needy.
Today he is distributing dry ration packets to over 30 families in Teli Kheda through some of his civilian friends.

Miyan News salutes the spirit of this officer and al his friends for thinking about those who are very poor and are starving due to present crisis.