Beware of Fraudulent Calls: A Cautionary Tale

In a shocking incident, Lieutenant General BS Sisodiya, a retired army veteran and resident of Mhow, fell prey to a fraudulent call and lost Rs 75,000. The incident highlights the growing concern of phone scams and the need for vigilance.

The fraudster, posing as a close friend and retired senior army officer, called Sisodiya, fabricating a medical emergency and convincing him to transfer the money. Thinking that the call wasc genuine, Sisodiya transferred seventy five thousand to the account given by the caller. Unbeknownst to Sisodiya, the caller was a stranger with malicious intentions. It was only when Sisodiya contacted his actual friend Chopra to inquire about the patient's well-being that he realized he had been duped.

This incident serves as a reminder to remain cautious when receiving unsolicited calls

The causes of such frauds are: -

- Lack of awareness

- Trusting unknown callers

- Emotional vulnerability

To remain safe, follow these remedies:

- Verify the caller's identity

- Be wary of urgent or emotional appeals

- Don't share personal or financial information

- Register complaints with the police promptly

In this case, Badgonda police in Mhow, Indore, have registered a case against the unidentified fraudster. Let this incident serve as a warning to stay vigilant and protect ourselves from such scams. Remain safe!