A Evening in Army War College----- Mrs Usha Pandey


A Evening in Army War College

Usha Pandey w/o Lt Gen DP Pandey, Commandant,

Army War College, Mhow

 The sports complex at the Army War College is undeniably one of its most vibrant hubs. As the sun sets, the atmosphere here transforms into a bustling scene of activity. It becomes a magnet for officers, ladies, children of all ages and many senior citizens gravitating to this area, all drawn to this dynamic space to indulge in their preferred sports and leisure pursuits. The air is filled with the sounds of laughter and the sight of energetic games in which the individuals engage in, makes it a cherished evening ritual for many within the community.

Children, brimming with boundless energy and enthusiasm, eagerly immerse themselves in a myriad of games at the Army War College's sports complex. From exploring new interests to honing their skills, they enthusiastically participate in various sports. The badminton court echoes with smashes and kills, the table tennis arena sees deft chops and flicks and the lawn tennis court showcases agility and stamina in abundance. Meanwhile, budding footballers ignite the field with their vibrant orange and green jerseys, diligently following their coach's instructions during warm-ups and eagerly anticipating the thrill of scoring goals like their idols. Among these young athletes are Messi fans who relish every opportunity to dribble and shoot, often leading to playful scrambles and laughter among spectators. There are also talented golfers refining their chip shots under the watchful eye of their parent-coaches, displaying a dedicated and serious demeanor during practice sessions.Amidst these scenes of focused skill development, many children simply enjoy the pure joys of childhood; cycling with friends, engaging in cheerful conversations and sharing a hearty laughter. While there are many simply enjoying the innocent pleasures of childhood cycling with friends, talking cheerfully and laughing.The sports complex thus becomes not just a venue for physical activities, but a vibrant playground where youthful spirit and camaraderie thrive.

 Adjacent to the bustling sports complex, the state-of-the-art gym at the Army War College is a hive of activity, with every spot taken. The atmosphere pulses with energy as weights thump, machines clang and the determined grunts of enthusiasts fill the air. Some focus on pumping iron, while others push themselves on treadmills to the beats of blaring music, leaving no room for complacency, either for themselves or the equipment.Amidst this vigorous workout scene, Shiv, the approachable and skilled gym instructor, diligently oversees and guides officers and ladies alike in their quest to achieve personal fitness milestones. The gym boasts a large community of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who adhere unwaveringly to their rigorous routines.

Next door, officers engage in fast-paced games of squash, their swift movements and competitive shouts echoing through the courts. Meanwhile, on the tennis courts, players showcase their agility and speed in intense matches. The audible grunts and animated exchanges on these courts attest to the high stakes and competitive spirit at play.On match days, emotions run high, with moments of tension, occasional disappointment in defeat and elation in victory. However, resilience prevails as participants regroup and prepare for the challenges ahead, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to improvement and excellence.

About the Author

Mrs Pandey is a result driven professional with more than 14 years of experience as a school administrator and teacher in various educational institutions such as APS, KV, Convent and Public Schools Pan India. She is the daughter of Veer Chakra awardee army officer. She has passed M.Ed. and M.Sc. (Chemistry) in first division and has conducted workshops for teaching faculty on relevant topics with an aim to train, support and enhance teaching skills. Since her marriage with Lt Gen DP Pandey (presently Commandant of Army War College, Mhow) she has been actively participating in welfare organizations in various capacities