A Budding Engineer’s experience while being in a short association with an NGO

Miss Roohika Monadeep Dadwal, a fourth year student at Amity University tells about her first hand experience about working with an NGO at Noida. She says-

Social service is something that we all love to do because it is our duty that whatever we have taken or gained from the society should be returned or repaid to the society with interest. Same were my thoughts and I always admired to be part of a social service or any Non Government Organization (NGO). My dream came true and my first time experience as part of the fourth year engineering at Amity University was to undertake a month long attachment with a NGO.

After consulting many friends and near and dear ones along with meeting representatives of a few NGOs I decided to approach JAX foundation which is Social service NGO supporting people at Noida. The aim of this organization is to help and support the needy. After consulting all and meeting a few NGO's I, decided to approach JAX foundation which is an NGO and is doing excellent social service supporting people at Noida. The aim of this organisation is to help and support the needy people in terms of medical or any other social aid. JAX foundation also supports animal needs by feeding stray animals and is also providing medical treatment to them.

I had a great experience while working with their teams and as I love animals too much, I took part in various programs like feeding stray animals, visiting stray animals’ shelters and distributing blankets and food to them. It was indeed a great learning experience and I also took part in fund raising events to support these activities.

I found it to be great in being a volunteer for a month with JAX foundation at Noida.