Celebrate Christmas with Enthusiasm but Keep Concern in Mind For Environment

The concern about pollution during diwali was welcomed throughout the World by followers of Sanatan (Hindu) religion and as per the data given by various national and international agencies, the pollution level during Diwali festival was lower than what it was last year. 

I think it's now the turn of the world and environmentalists to ask christians for not cutting more than 120 million trees across the world 'for decoration' in their homes .

In 2002, in the United States, 21,904 Christmas tree farms covering 447,000 acres (1,809 km2) of cropland accounted for the 20.8 million Christmas trees cut.Of those farms, 686 harvested 100 acres (0.4 km2) or more, which accounted for over 196,000 acres (793 km2) of the total area of trees harvested. That same year, there were only three U.S. Christmas tree farms with more than 10,000 acres (40 km2) of cropland in production.The total U.S. crop in 2004 was valued at $506 million with $143 million attributed to the nation's leading producer in 2004, Oregon.Oregon was followed in production numbers by North Carolina, Washington, and Michigan.In 2012, 24 million trees were sold at a retail value of over $1 billion

The European  union demand for live trees reaches about 50 million per year, compared with the demand for about 35 million of the trees in the United States.Denmark is a major producer of live Christmas trees, about 90 percent are exported to other European nations, such as Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria. Denmark exported about 1 million trees to Great Britain in 2004. 2005 Christmas tree sales in Denmark was about kr1.2 billion (US$204 million, €160 million), of this amount kr1.1 billion was in exports.

The leading European producers of natural Christmas trees are found in central and western Europe. 2018 estimates indicated that Germany produced 18 million Christmas trees annually, followed by France's 6 million trees, Denmark's 10 million trees, Belgium's 5.2 million trees, and Great Britain's 4.4. million Christmas trees produced.

Great Britain consumes about 8 million trees annually, while in the United States between 35 and 40 million trees are sold during the Christmas season