"If I Had The World To Myself", a poem by 14 year old Aaheli Roy

"If I Had The World To Myself" is a poem written by 14 year old Aaheli Roy, student of Class IX at Shishukunj School in Indore

If I had the world to myself,

I would sleep in late for several hours in the morning,
Then wake up fresh and energetic with no mourning,

I would dress up and run without any stress,
Carefree and happy without any distress,
I would travel the world,
Climb mountains, go paragliding and swim in the blue sea,
Play with nature and its gift,
Without anyone but animals around me,
I would go out for ice cream,
Get a free ride in a carnival,
Ride the most daring rollercoaster alone,
And live a day without a phone,
I would try everything new,
And go to hills, valleys and mountain tops too,
I would go into a marshland,
Or a dark mysterious cave,
And relive the ancient history,
That was hidden in graves,
Tired after a long day of joy,
I would lie down in my bed oh so exhausted,
Going to sleep and then suddenly waking up,
Being back in the world full of people,
Well, it was good when it lasted,
Who else is so lucky to get the whole world to themselves?