Noble gesture of an army officer that brought smiles on faces of poor people

Noble gesture of an army officer that brought smiles on faces of poor people

Col Anil Kumar posted at Army War College along with Col IS Bhati didn't sit at their home at a time when thousands of people are facing hunger due to the curfew and lockdown in all asking areas. They bought, packed and distributed 50 packets containing following items:-

2 kg Atta
2 kg Rice
1 Ltr cooking oil
500 gm Dal
500 gm Sugar
1 Packet Tea
1 Packet Salt
1 Packet Red Chilky
1 Match Box
This much ration is sufficient for a family of 3 to 4 for about 4 days in this hour of need.

They could not involve many people in distribution of these packets due to medical reasons. Col Anil Kumar, IS Bhati and two boys did the work though the packaging was done by complete guard party in rotation.

Seeing the smile and gratitude on the faces and prayer on their lips, other people who want to contribute may approach this team.

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