Excellent article by a Class 7 student on Coronavirus


Covid -19 would stay in our memory as a difficult stage that we all suffered. As children, it will stay in our memory as a very boring time. It might not be as boring for parents as they still have to work from home.
            Now, the children are listening to the severity of the Covid -19 from their friends, parents, neighbours and most importantly the ‘Head of the Nation’. We children, are really not so naive to not understand it but at the same time we are not even matured enough to absorb all the restrictions on us.
When it started, we were all tensed but there were not many precautions taken, but then it started spreading a lot and everyone was forced to stay inside their houses. We were told not to go out and play, but the single child in a nuclear family has nothing to do, more so for the children whose both parents are working and they get busy in work from home. In this case, the parents are around but not available. The children who were overwhelmed with parents’ company are sad now as they are longing even more, to play with their parents and to spend time with them.
            Every child is different and needs different amount of time to hone their qualities. The children only want encouragement and support from their parents. This is the best time for finding and embracing your qualities.
            At this point of time, when lockdowns are going on, a single child in a nuclear family has nothing much to do, but there are still a few options like movies, music, books, yoga, board/computer games, dancing, hobby activity etc. These can be shuffled during the day to include most of them in your itinerary. This is also the time to introduce ourselves to new things like household management, healthy cooking, online learning etc. A word about online learning - Udemy and Coursera website/mobile apps offer free online courses in multiple fields. The courses last for three to eight weeks and children can subscribe to the course which interests them the most, eg photography, public speaking, language, drawing/sketching etc.
            Lastly, I would like to say that we should utilise this time for learning new things from each other in our family. We should take precautions and whilst in the house think of the positivity of spending time together.

Ojasvi Dhillon
VII E, Emerald Heights International School

Email address - dhillon.sudesh@gmail.com