Colonel donating eatables to needy residents of Mhow, Social Distancing kept in mind while distribution

TACADVENTURE group handed over ration and other eatables to needy residents in Dongargaon area near Mhow town on Tuesday. Without any show off business, the group led by Col Anil Kumar is helping the poor and needy and today's action was impiortant because Mhow will undergo complete lockdown for three days from tomorrow. This time, the local administration after consulting with the military administration has decided for not only ensuring a complete lockdown but also the borders of Mhow will comepletely be sealed in such a way that nobody from here will be able to go outside and vice-versa.

The process of handing over of ration today was also very unique as the people coming to collect ration were maintaining social distance as advised by the experts.

The TACADVENTURE group handed over following ration for cooking at Community kitchen which is feeding masala khichdi to over 100 people twice a day :-

Rice 200 kg
Dal   40 kg
Oil    16 ltr
Salt  16 kg
Red Chilly 1 kg

People all over Mhow and surrounding areas are showering words of praise for the group.