Be A Leader Not A Boss----- Neeraj Sharma


About the Author
The author is a post graduate in Sociology and presently working in a prestigious defence institute as a secretarial staff. He has also experience of various government and private sector offices. He has written a number of articles and poems which have been published in different newspapers. A poetry compilation titled 'MERI KAVITA' written by author was presented to the members of 'Committee of Parliament on Official Language' last year.


                                 Be A Leader Not A Boss

With the change in upbringing culture, social environment, unexpected enhancement in knowledge in the era of internet and keeping in mind the future challenges and requirements in our personal and professional life, it is expected from human being for accepting the change and should be ready and prepared to change working attitude that believes in Bossism. It is analysed that pattern of working style that we commonly refer to as ‘Bossism’ is an outdated concept of working whether it is at home, office or elsewhere. It is the need of the hour to be a team leader and not as a boss because Boss Is Always Right, My Way Is Highway or ‘Do It My Way Because I’m The Boss’, are neither acceptable in modern society nor guaranteed of getting desired success.  

‘Bossism’ has its own unchanged characteristics like over smartness, polishing their own character, egoistic mentality, having absolute control in all way by hook or crook etc that do not fit in today’s working scenario and thus change is the felt need of a good quality leader. Let's try to understand differences between Leader & Boss and Why one should Be a Leader Not A Boss in current work environment. It is not only an organisational need but also our social requirement to meet the challenges arising in day to day personal and professional life :- 

● A leader develops confidence amongst his subordinates and staff while a boss thinks he is smarter than their subordinates or staff all the time

● It can also be experienced that the boss wants control over everything that will help them look good and keep trying to polish their character. 

● The main difference between leader and boss is of ‘broad mind’ and ‘narrow mind’ personality. 

● A leader creates healthy environment where every person tries to contribute his/her best to achieve the desired goal set by a leader for the betterment of organisation or system while a boss doesn’t care about that and he wants instant result to keep up himself first. 

● A leader tries to understand ground realities and address the issues of employees while with the boss, it will be very difficult to say. 

● A leader listens more than he talks while the boss talks more than listening.

● A leader seeks to understand how the mistake happened and focuses on finding solution to the problem. A leader is always keen to take responsibility for mistakes while the boss blames employees for mistakes. 

● A leader focuses on the solution while boss focuses on the fault.

● With the leader there is minimum space for backbiting and flattery while these are common problem with ‘Bossism’.  

A leader understands that the success of the work depends on the health of their subordinates and staff. 

● A leader understands that happy, ambitious, enthusiastic employees under healthy working conditions will outperform rather than those who are depressed, fearful, angry under toxic, controlling and unhealthy working conditions. While with the boss, health of an employee or subordinates doesn't matter at all. 

At last, this article opines that it is time to develop the leaders rather than bosses at any level, from the lowest to the highest, at home, in the office or elsewhere. Many studies have also shown that leading with vision, inspiration, and purpose, produces better bottom-line results as well as happier, more engaged staff members and a healthier working environment. If one wants staff to feel committed to the organization/system, then show respect and value them. Ultimately, it is the “human touch” that makes all the difference, that is why it is said – ‘Be a leader, not a Boss’.