Doctors donate wholeheartedly for Ram Mandir



The medical practitioners’ fraternity gathered at Kalyanam Garden in Mhow for a unique function on Thursday. They were there to discuss the issue of donations for construction of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Noted orator and medical practitioner Dr Nishant Khare was the chief guest of the programme who also delivered the keynote address.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Khare spoke on nearly 500-year-old struggle for freeing the birthplace of Lord Ram and re-establishment of the temple at its primary place. He said that lakhs of people have given their lives for this cause and termed the present generation as the luckiest to witness the historic moment when the dream of our ancestors of seeing a grand temple at Ayodhya will come true.

Khare told about a heart touching experience while he was on a drive for collecting donation for the temple from the people in Khajrana temple complex area. After he had taken donation cheques from the temple priests and the shopkeepers outside the temple, a few beggars of the area came to him and invited him for a cup of tea. During the tea, they offered for donation and everyone from them gave money that was in his or her capacity. This incident touched the doctors and their families present in the programme.

Thereafter, Dr Rahul Mewara, Vikram Mewara and Sangeeta Mewara of Mewara hospital handed over a cheque of Rs 110000 to Dr Khare. Dr Paritosh Dubey and Vishal Agrawal handed over cheques of Rs 51000 and Rs 21000 respectively. It is to be noted that Mewara family had done exemplary works for helping the community during covid-19 pandemic last year.

Saffron leader Radheshyam Yadav, social scientist Dr Deepak Verma and RSS district pracharak Arjun Kartha also shared the dais in the programme.

Advocate Vikram Dubey conducted the programme while Vikram Mewara proposed the voted of thanks.