"THE HOURGLASS", a poem by 14 year old Aaheli Roy

THE HOURGLASS is a poem written by 14 year old Aaheli Roy, student of Class IX at Shishukunj International School in Indore

The sand drips down slowly from the chamber of sealed glass onto the chamber of the underground,

Resembling the pathways of heaven and hell,

The human gets to decide its path,

Whether to follow the dark knight or the holy light,

Ticking is its time on land which is bounded by decisions,

Each step being watched by the souls with extreme precision,

One step can decide your fate,

Whether you will dance with the stars or burn in hell,

Realize the importance of your decisions on the Earth now,

Develop a conscience,

Do you want to be a twinkling star or a demon who watches from afar?

The sand drops smoothly down the hourglass,

Oops, your time is running out,

Stay calm or run,

Because this world waits for no one,

You will either find a helping hand,

Or a spirit which would leave you buried in the sand,

Time and decisions, these are the two positions you would have to put in the right place,

Choose wisely and get up in the front of the race.