Dr Lekhi's Haveli restaurant also serving people at this time of distress

Dr Rajesh Lekhi, a practicing physician is giving his Medical Services in Pithampur Industrial Area for the last 25 years. He has always been trying to help the people of the area in many ways during this long span of time.

Latest in his works are are many charity works run for the people, police, press, doctors, medical staff and people walking on feet to reach their far off destinations.

Dr Lekhi's son Mansha Lekhi is also running a high class restaurant near Mashal Hotel on Jhumar ghat in the name of Haveli restaurant. This restaurant is also serving people by giving delicious food items to all the people in need.

Today's delicacy was the biryani packed in such a way that one packet was sufficient for 2 persons. Dr Lekhi and his son Mansha Lekhi distributed these Biryani packets in almost all hospitals, Police stations of Mhow and Pithampur.

They also gave these packets to the people coming from Gujarat and Maharashtra on feet along with their children to reach their homes in UP and other faroff areas.

Biryani made by Haveli restaurant was highly liked by the people who ate it and we're very thankful to the restaurant and its owner for giving them so delicious food at a time when they are not able to get even normal food items.