Women’s day special- Interview of 13 year old novelist Prarthana Saji

Women’s day special- Interview of 13 year old novelist Prarthana Saji

Prarthana Saji is a thirteen year old girl studying in Class 8 at Army Public School in Mhow. She has been gifted with the ability to achieve much beyond her age. In addition to her being passionate about her studies, she is a perfectionist, a singer, a speaker, a poet and now a writer. She started writing poems in her free time from the age of 8. Many of her poems have been published in school and national level magazines. An avid reader herself, she started writing her first book at the age of twelve in Apr 2019 and completed the same in July 2019. The story is a large reflection of her own self which is a mirror of a large section of the children of this age. Their dreams, ambitions, the will to contribute towards the nation and the inner want to be famous and appreciated.

‘The Seven Wonders’ is the first in the series of books created by the imaginative young mind of the author. The story is about six teenagers training to become spies and their group leader. The story goes through the amalgamation of different characters from varied backgrounds that come with a common aim to serve their country. The story revolves around a mysterious entity who is stealing all the security gadgets being produced for the safety of the country. Will the Seven Wonders be able to solve the mystery of the missing gadgets…who is stealing them and why…

The book was published in August 2019 and is currently available online also. Prarthana is currently writing the second book of the series after having sold over 200 copies of the first book which is a commendable achievement for a 12 Year old girl. The book was also nominated for the Author awards instituted by a leading media group.

Her father is Naval Commander KK Saji is a retired officer who served in Indian Navy for about 20 years and is now an Entrepreneur.