Toddlers burnt in fire while playing outside house

Two toddlers aged three and five years died in the hospital after they were badly burnt in the fire while playing outside their house in Parvatpura village, 35 kilometers from Tirla police station in Dhar district on Thursday afternoon.

Tirla police station in charge SS Nagar told that Gori, 5 year old girl and Chotu, 3 year old boy, both siblings were playing outside their house in Parvatpura village like every day. They found green grams lying in their verandah and as they used to see their parents putting them in the fire to roast them, they also planned for the same. They took the grams to the hut where grass and hay for the cattle are stored and lighted some hay for roasting the grams. While the grams were getting roasted and both siblings were enjoying it after sitting near it, a big bunch of hay fell on the flames and caught fire. Soon it also caught fire and fire engulfed a large stock of it which was kept stocked there.

Hearing their screams, other family members rushed and they were rushed to Dhar district hospital. Doctors at the district hospital found that both of them had suffered more than sixty percent burns and looking at their critical condition, they were referred to Indore. They were admitted to Choithram hospital where they succumbed to the injuries.

A wave of sorrow was spread after the information about the death of the two children reached the village in the evening.