Lack of coordination between govt depts leads to delay of rail work

Mhow: Lack of coordination between Railways, Defence, Revenue and Forest departments has become the main reason for delay of all ongoing railway projects whether they are gauge conversion or extension of passenger amenities here.

Last year, the foundation stone for double rail line between Mhow and Rau was laid and it was told to the media that the work will be started very soon as the funds had also arrived. Even after pasaage of one year, there is no headway in the project, due to which trains are often delayed as they have to wait at stations in between in case of crossing.

Same is about the extension of platforms for accommodating longer trains as railways are waiting for the land transfer from defence for this. Whenever defence officials are contacted, they say that they have sent the proposals to their higher command and are awaiting reply from there.

In the case of new rail route beetwen Mhow and Barwah, a large portion of the line will pass through forest area and forest nod is must for this. Same is with the forest deportment also as whenever their officials are contacted, they also say same words that they have sent the proposal to Bhopal and permission will come from there only.

Meanwhile DRM Vineet Gupta arrived at Mhow yesterday and while talking to the media persons here he said that anything in the new rail route could be done only after forest nod.