Mhow doctor being praised all over for saving life of a critical patient

Mhow: In an extraordinary display of medical determination and skill at Getwell Hospital, Dr. Astha Tiwari successfully managed a critical and complex case, saving a patient with only a 10% chance of survival.

The patient, who had arrived at Getwell Hospital instead of being referred to a larger facility in Indore, was in a grave condition, presenting with a complaint of sudden blindness that had persisted for an hour. Upon examination, it was discovered not only that the patient was six months pregnant but also that she was suffering from dangerously high blood pressure, recorded at 200/110 mmHg.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Dr. Tiwari promptly informed the patient and her attendants about the critical nature of her condition and admitted her to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Shortly after admission, the patient experienced a severe eclamptic seizure, a potentially life-threatening event especially in pregnant women.

Understanding the urgent need to act swiftly, Dr. Tiwari decided to perform an emergency caesarean section (LSCS). Tragically, the baby was stillborn. Following the operation, the patient suffered another eclamptic seizure, which heightened the complexities of her medical management.

Despite these challenges, the medical team’s relentless efforts under Dr. Tiwari's guidance were pivotal. They continued to stabilize her condition, and she remained in the ICU under close observation. Over the following days, the patient's condition gradually improved, and she stabilized significantly.

Dr. Tiwari’s intervention not only saved the patient's life but also showcased the lethal potential of antepartum eclampsia, a condition with a high mortality rate if not managed timely and effectively. Thanks to Dr. Tiwari’s tireless efforts and the medical staff's competence at Getwell Hospital, the patient recovered from a near-fatal scenario. Her husband Dr Upendra Tiwari is a renowned orthopedic surgeon of Mhow and performed many critical injuries of people and saved their limbs.