Sweatpants “Hollywood Bollywood movie poster reveals Ghazal Gill of Hollywood


Ghazal Gill as lead actress in Hollywood Bollywood thriller movie Sweatpants 

“Sweatpants “Hollywood Bollywood movie poster revealed Ghazal Gill of Hollywood, International model, Miss USA and best known as the lead for international hit song Jalebi Baby. 

To be directed by Dr Ranu Sinha who’s worked with her before in Zee music record label production with GlamR finds Ghazal a perfect match to this lead role.

Ghazal is paired with lead male star Mayur Verma who played Bunny’s role in Jeannie and Juju and known for many web series and television sitcoms in bollywood. And with Jay Arora an international Hollywood actor and icon of bay area. 

Ghazal is taking this lead powerful yet glamorous character on in Sweatpants and her debut in bollywood by this movie. 

The movie’s director is Dr Ranu Sinha and music and background score is by Monty Sharma ( Devdas Black and Sawaria ) 

Starring Mayur Verma Ghazal Gill Jay Arora 

Shefali Roy, Sayoni Josh, Sapna DJ , Anna Sharma and Mary Luz Arrendondo. With Hollywood star Charles Heimlich.

Assistant directors are Sourabh Ratnu and Corey D Taylor. Produced by GlamR and partners.  

Tune in for more updates on Ghazal Gill and Sweatpants movie. 

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