Former 10 Mahar CO Col Ohri passes away, regiment pays honours

Admitted in the Aorobindo hospital in Indore for past some days following multiple ailments, the former commanding officer of 10th battalion of Mahar regiment Col PC Ohri passed away on Saturday night. A wave of sorrow and grief gripped the fraternity of retired defence officers residing in Signals Vihar colony and other colonies in Mhow. Col Ohri was also the chairman of Signals Vihar Colony Management Committee since last a few years and the retired officers were seen remembering him for his exemplary works regarding the civic management of the colony and security system of the colony.

His battalion (10 Mahar) that he had commanded during his service, is presently stationed at a high altitude location in the mighty Himalayas on the northern borders of the country. Despite all odds regarding weather and connectivity, the present commanding officer Col Arun Bisht conveyed his regards to the parted soul to his family and all personnel of Mahar regiment (retired and serving).                                            

His battalion has mentioned about his contribution as a profound command of Col Ohri and his whole tenure as a Mahar officer who had taken active part in the 1965 was of India and Pakistan. Mahar regiment personnel consider Col Ohri as their hero, mentor and a man who stood with his head always high and his values always inspire them.

They have also consoled his wife Tripta Ohri and son Lt Col Vineet Ohri and have conveyed to them that the battalion always stands with them.