Statement Issued by Shri KC Venugopal, General Secretary, AICC in relation with Horse Trading for MP

In its naked lust for power, the BJP has exposed its unprincipled, opportunistic and power-hungry character by trying to poach Congress MLAs in Madhya Pradesh, AICC General Secretary Shri K.C. Venugopal said in a statement. While the nation is reeling under an imminent danger of Coronavirus, Delhi riots and economic slowdown, the BJP is shamelessly back with its usual tactic of horse trading. The BJP is desperately trying to topple down the Congress Government in Madhya Pradesh amidst these challenging issues. 

The BJP is trying to orchestrate what we had been anticipating all along. Congress party time and again had pointed out that BJP is back to its old way of dissolute political treachery and horse trading wherever they lost people’s mandate. This has once again been proven by the fact that BJP gave ministerial berths to the disqualified Congress MLAs in Karnataka last year. In Maharashtra also unable to reach majority number, the BJP tried to grab power under cover of darkness., he added.  

In all non-BJP ruling states, the BJP is publicly encouraging and orchestrating defection, horse trading, treachery and above all political immorality. It is more than apparent that the Prime Minister and his party leaders are directly involved in this treachery. The Congress party will fight against this unprincipled and power-hungry character of BJP which is bent on violating all democratic and constitutional norms, he reiterated.

In Madhya Pradesh, this dissolute political treachery of BJP is going to fall flat on its face. The Congress Party Government led by Shri. Kamal Nath will complete its five year term, Shri KC Venugopal further added.