A poem on state of the world today (Corona Virus) by Roshni Modi

Poem which relates to the present scenario and asks for transformation....!

In Quietude
Away from jubilations, away from all apprehensions
Securing lives in seclusion
Social distancing, the mere solution
For it's time for Rejuvenation.

A peep into the past
Rethink and remake in the present
And rediscover yourself in isolation
For, its time for Self Introspection.

Today is the opportunity for humanity
To join hands with tranquility
Practice protocol for protection
For, it's time for Reformation.

At home, begins the charity
Strengthen immunity, know it's immensity
Away from connection, the only prevention
For, it's time for Realisation.

Sow seeds of love and have reverence for all,
Let bliss sprout and silence surround
Create amicable relations, if at all
For, it's time for Recreation.

With gratitude and right attitude 
Pray for universal peace and harmony
Towards comprehensive amalgamation
For, it's time for Revaluation.

In holistic quietude and away from all conversations
Impose restrictions to combat invasion
Format, cleanse your soul for healthy restoration
For, it's time for Unanimous Action.

Restore, rewind, refrain and remind
Take precautions, just be still and still the mind
With camouflage, with changed schedule and routine
For, it's time for Self Quarantine.

------Roshni Modi