Army officer’s book on the path of becoming bestseller


Mhow: For all those who like to read travelogues, philosophy and romance, Lt Col Anshuman Agrahri’s book “Those Unsaid Words” has brought all three in a single package. An alumnus of IIT Roorkee and Indian Military Academy, the officer took more than five years to complete this book because despite being a fiction, he has taken care of every minute detail in terms of time, distance and places so that reader is able to get a clear picture of everything. 

The officer turned author said that the book is a travelogue, written by a girl (a love story running in the background). It travels from Manali to Leh & Ladakh covering untouched valleys, mountains, and lakes. The book touches upon the history of the important places, monasteries and has a tinge of the teaching of Mandukya Upanishad too. It beautifully describes human relationships, human psychology and extensively talks about the beauty of nature and how all humans are related to it.

As the name suggests, it connects every young soul who has ever fallen in love. The book will motivate those who want to visit the virgin land of Leh and Ladakh and will help them to visualise and feel the mystic beauty of the region. The book gives a lesson ‘Life is a journey, not a destination, we should keep moving on; Neither life is going to stop nor the world, so why should we?’

About the central character in the book named Tanvi, Agrahari said, “Tanvi realises that how the definition of love keeps changing and emotions were the last parameters she considered while deciding the life.  As the destiny could play out, her best friend dies on the very day of her marriage, and she starts inculpating herself for the misfortune, which leads to a fractured married life. She defies everyone and goes on a road trip to Leh. In the land of lama’s she tries to understand life from the lens of spirituality and starts discerning threads of coincidences”.