Countering Criticism by Nikhat Ahmed

 Nikhat Ahmed

How To Handle Criticism

What is that first thing that comes in your mind when someone criticises you?

You start self doubting


You start proving yourself right by your words or behaviour


You immediately start arguing with them 

If your answer is "yes" you are not good in handling criticism.

If you do any of these I am going to explain one by one how these things will work negatively for you.

Self doubt :- Self doubt leads you towards negativity, dipression and an unsuccessful life. It is not just going to impact your growth but all the areas of life.

Proving yourself :- If you start proving yourself right you will be distracted completely from your goals and it is not going to change that person's mind because that person has decided you are wrong. That person is not going to hear you and not going to accept that you are right at any point of time. You are just wasting your time and energy in putting efforts to prove yourself right. You have to accept you can't make everyone happy. If you are not wrong you don't need to afraid.

Argument :- If you start arguing with that person then he will reply more and your argument will be converted into quarrel and the purpose of that person will be fulfilled to distract you and make you feel uncomfortable. Every time you think how to answer that person and you will be indulged in such stupid things. You will stop your growth by your own. You will take more time to think about that person not about your goals.

If you want to grow in life or you have big goals to achieve you will have to be good in handling criticism as you grow you will have to face many people at different stages of growth who will challenge you or criticise you or they will try to put you down. If you are afraid to handle such things then you just have one choice live ordinary life which you are living or the other choice is to face the fear and embrace your success or your goals and trust me you don't need much for that you just need a strong will power, growth mindset and a smiling face these are the best weapons for your success journey.


Will power :- Your will power will never sit you back, it will always encourage you to push your boundaries of your comfort zone and go beyond your expectation.

Mindset :- Your growth mindset will give you strength to avoid such criticism and bad words of others because you don't have time for such stupid people. You have much more to achieve.

Smile :- And now the best part "your smile" which gives you positive wibes and others too who are connected with you. Always smiling face looks more beautiful and this smile never let people judge about your pain and that makes you more powerful person to handle any situation. Do remember nothing is permanent every pain will come and go but your smile is always with you, just look at yourself in the mirror and give a beautiful smile you will find a strong person in front of you who will be always with you in happy moments and in tough situations too. So appreciate yourself and start working on your goals.


Don't argue with others what you can do let your growth and success speak louder.