Reasons why Kerala is a leading state 【Covid-19 Issue Tackled】

Kerala tops the list in so many Corona related issues 

1. Kerala has the highest Covid Recovery rate and lowest Mortality rate in India. The mortality rate is 5.75% in the world average, 3% in India and 0.58% in Kerala.

2. Kerala has the largest number of Covid tests conducted by population in India.

3. Kovid Testing Kiosks (WISKs) were set up in India for the first time in Kerala, two at Ernakulam Medical College.

4. Kerala is the first Indian state to apply for a Convalescent Plasma Therapy and has received ICMR approval.

5. Kerala is the only state with two Kovid hospitals in every district.

6. Kerala Epidemic Diseases Act was the first legislation in India for the control of communicable diseases.

7. Government of Kerala was the first state in India to provide tele-medicine service during the Covid era, and it is the only state in India which provides the facility to expatriates.

8. Oldest of Covid recovered in India. Two 88-year-olds and 93-year-olds have been released from a government hospital in Kerala. 

9. Kerala is the first state in India to have developed 18 specs of standards, including contact tracing. Most of the states in India are following these standards.

10. Kerala is the first state in India to come up with ideas like "No one should starve" and Community Kitchen (1400+) in India. Kerala also has the largest number of guest worker camps (5500+) in India.

11. Kerala is the only state in the country to hire 300 doctors and 400 health inspectors in government hospitals within 24 hours.

12. Kerala is the first state in India to announce a package of Rs.20000 cr

13. For the first time in India, APL-BPL is to provide one month's free grain , free essential items kits in Kerala.

14. Absolutely BREAK THE CHAIN! The campaign was started by the Department of Health of Kerala.

15. When the Anganwadis are closed, food was delivered to the children's home. Internet connectivity was improved considering the increasing use of the internet. These two pronouncements have been implemented in Kerala and the state has been appreciated by the Supreme Court.

16. There are 22,567 government relief camps and shelters across India ( data which the central government has given to the Supreme Court). Out of which 15,541 are from Kerala

17. CM Pinarayi Vijayan's strategic thinking is better and faster than any CEO's, writes Times Group's Mumbai Mirror.

18. "What  Kerala thinks  today , India will think tomorrow." This is what Rajdeep Saedesai said in his TV programme ...

19. Kerala's Chief Minister was referred to as 'The Standout Performer' and 'Seasoned Administrator' by The Indian Express in a national newspaper editorial ...

20. When Kerala's Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was compared to New York's most respected governor Andrew Cuomo, both were termed as 'Crisis Managers' ... reported the Telegraph

21. Kerala is the only state where the Chief Minister, every day, holds a press conference along with the Health Minister, the Revenue Minister and the Chief Secretary to inform the public of the situation.